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Why Choose Beaver Log Homes?
Beaver Log Homes builds custom log homes with quality craftsmanship. We can make your dreams of owning a log home become reality.

Beaver Log Home Buildling SystemThe Beaver Building System
Solid full round log, double tongue and grooved, all surfaces round or angled kiln dried prior to final machining. The Beaver Building System is the heart of a Beaver Log Home. This system creates a rigid interlocking wall that insures beauty, strength and an energy efficient home. With this system you will reduce the periodic maintenance needed with other log types.

Beaver Log Home LogsThe Beaver Log
The first step of the Beaver Building System is the Beaver Log. Pine is the standard tree used for all Beaver Logs and are harvested locally. Our Logs come in 7, 8, 10, and 12 inch diameters and lengths up to 12 feet. Other Log sizes and species are available depending on your needs and preferences.

Beaver Log Homes MillThe Beaver Log Homes Mill
Each Beaver Log is machined to remove bark prior to kiln drying the log. Kiln drying the log insures stability and minimizes shrinkage of the log. Once the logs are removed from the kiln a double tongue is machined in the top of the log with a matching groove on the bottom. This insures a tight seal and makes the wall self aligning during the assembly of the logs. Self aligning is important because it gives the wall stability.

Download our "Why Choose a Beaver Log Home" information sheet for more details. Please contact our sales office and we can set up an appointment to allow you to see how we prepare the logs into the fine crafted artwork that will become your new home.


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